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Shelby County Mom Writes Children's Book About Therapy Dog, Tovah's, Experience at Shelby County Library

Hey, lovely moms of Shelby County! 🌼 Are you on the lookout for a heartwarming tale that's not only a delightful read but also sprinkled with a whole lot of furry love? Well, get ready to cozy up with your little ones because "The Adventures of Tovah the Therapy Dog: Tovah Visits the Library" written by Shelby County's Nancy Scudder and Casey Jo White is here to steal your hearts!

The book, “The Adventures of Tovah the Therapy Dog: Tovah Goes to the Library,” is based on Scudder’s own labrador retriever, who was a therapy dog in her heyday and is now retired. Tovah was an active participant in the Shelby County Public Library's "Paws to Read" program. In this program, children could practice their reading skills by reading to Tovah.

Tovah's escapades at the Shelby County Public Library's "Paws to Read" program are the heart of this tale. Imagine your little ones giggling with joy as Tovah, with her crazy personality, snuggles up with kids during storytime. It's a story filled with love, laughter, and the magic that happens when books and furry friends collide.

What makes this book extra special? It's a hometown collaboration! Nancy Scudder, a Shelbyville resident, penned down Tovah's adventures, and the illustrations? Oh, they're magic! Local illustrator Casey Jo White, a gem from the Shelby Art Guild Association, brought Tovah's personality to life on every page. Can it get any more charming than this?

And this is just the beginning! Scudder has a few more Tovah adventures planned for future publication.


Why We Love It:

  1. Local Love: Knowing that Casey Jo White and Nancy Scudder are from our very own Shelby County community adds an extra layer of warmth to the tale.

  2. Pawsitively Heartwarming: Tovah's adventures are not only entertaining but also teach valuable lessons about adventure that can be found in reading books.

  3. Visual Feast: The vibrant illustrations make every page a feast for the eyes, captivating both kids and parents alike.

In a Nutshell: A Must-Read for Shelby County Families! 📖✨

So, dear moms, grab a copy of "Tovah Visits the Library" and get ready for a journey filled with laughter, love, and the joy of reading. It's a local treasure that will undoubtedly become a cherished bedtime favorite in your household. Happy reading, and may your hearts be as full as Tovah's wagging tail!

Purchase your copy HERE today!


Nancy Scudder's heartwarming creation is not just a book; it's a slice of Shelby County magic. So, moms, dive into the enchanting world of Tovah and let the joyous laughter of your little ones fill your homes. Tovah's adventures are just the beginning, and we can't wait for more local tales to unfold. Happy reading, Shelby County families!


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