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Shelby County Hidden Gems

Shelby County, Indiana, has several hidden gems that offer unique and enriching experiences for those who explore beyond the well-known attractions. Here are some lesser-known but worthwhile places to visit:

Description: This local history museum features exhibits on the county's heritage, including a detailed model of the town as it appeared in the early 20th century. It often hosts rotating exhibits and special events.

Activities: Exploring historical exhibits, attending special events, and learning about local history.

Description: Located in the small community of Boggstown, this cabaret offers dinner theater performances in a charming and intimate setting. It's a great spot for an evening of entertainment with a nostalgic twist.

Activities: Enjoying live performances, dining, and experiencing unique theatrical shows.

Description: A lesser-known park in Shelbyville, Kennedy Park has beautiful green spaces, walking trails, a universally accessible play area for children of all abilities and ages, and a peaceful entrance to Blue River. It’s perfect for a quiet afternoon of relaxation or a leisurely walk.

Activities: Walking trails, picnicking, fishing, pickleball, tennis, shelter, basketball, baseball/softball and enjoying nature.

Description: This historic theater in Shelbyville has been restored and offers a range of entertainment options, including classic and contemporary movies, live performances, and special events. The ambiance of the old-time theater adds to the charm.

Activities: Watching movies, attending live performances, and participating in community events.

Description: This one-of-a-kind drive-in theatre is pet-friendly, has online food ordering, an arcade, is open Wednesday- Friday, and either per person or $30 for a full-car load (5 years and under are always free!)

Activities: watching movies

These hidden gems offer a variety of experiences, from cultural and historical explorations to enjoying the natural beauty and entertainment options in Shelby County.


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