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Love Your Community: Donate To Food Drives, Food Pantries & Blessing Boxes in Shelby County, Indiana

Welcome to our lively blog series celebrating the month of love in Shelby County!

February isn't just about Valentine's Day; it's also a time for us, as parents, grandparents, and families, to show our love and care for our community. As we embrace the spirit of Valentine's Day, let's extend that love beyond our immediate circles and into the neighborhoods we call home.

Throughout this series, we'll explore heartwarming ways to spread love and support within Shelby County.

Today, we're kicking things off by shining a light on the importance of supporting local food pantries. After the festivities of the holiday season, these pantries need our love and generosity to replenish their shelves and continue serving those in need.

Join us as we come together to make February a month of love and compassion for everyone in our community!

Waldron Elementary School: Food Pantry Needs Donations

Waldron Elementary School needs non-perishable food items that can be sent home in kids back packs. There are kids who might not have much help at home fixing the food. For this reason, they could use food that they can prepare on their own such as cereal, individual cups of Mac & Cheese, Granola Bars, Poptarts, etc. Food donations can be dropped off at the Waldron Elementary School Front Office: 306 East St, Waldron, IN 46182

Morristown: Food Pantry Needs Donations

The shelves of the Food Pantry at Morristown High School are getting bare! They could use donations of nonperishable food items. Food benefits Morristown students.

Waldron Church of the Risen Christ: Volunteers Needed for Food Pantry

The Waldron Church of the Risen Christ is looking for volunteers to help with unloading food for their food pantry every 2nd and 4th Monday at 10am and also every 4th Tuesday at 1:30pm. This pantry is located at 202 West Washington Street, Waldron IN 46182. You can contact 765-525-6026 for more details.

Morristown Blessing Boxes Added

Sophomore, Michael Ballinger, recently installed two Blessing Boxes at the Morristown Elementary and High School for his Eagle Scout project. Read the full article via Shelbyville News.

Shelbyville IVY Tech Sharing Shelf

The sharing shelf at the Shelbyville IVY Tech campus supplies students on the go with snacks and quick meals to keep them focused at school. Their goal is to keep the students studying, successful and staying to complete their education. The food you provide helps students meet that goal. Drop off donations at the Shelbyville Ivy Tech campus or contact Adriel at to learn more about the sharing shelf.

Food Pantries in Shelby County

No matter the season, local food pantries can always use donations of nonperishable food items and financial support. Here is a list of Shelby County, Indiana Food Pantries and Mini-Pantries. Shelby County Pantry Pals also helps stock local pantries if you are desiring to donate toward an organization who help those who live with food insecurity.


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