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New Year, New Memories: 10 Holidays to Brighten Up January 2024

As we cozy up to the new year with our family, we hope you're enjoying some quality family time as well. In this month of January, we're excited about these 10 upcoming holidays that offer opportunities for your family to celebrate and be together:

1. New Year's Day

We are ringing in 2024 with feelings of gratitude and optimism for the promising year ahead.

2. Cuddle Up Day 

Baby, it's cold outside. That's the perfect excuse to put on your comfiest pajamas, pick a favorite movie, snuggle under a warm blanket, and enjoy some quality family cuddle time. January 6

3. Dress Up Your Pet Day

Dress up your dog, goat, guinea pig, or cat. Pets aren't cooperative? Paint your kids' faces as their favorite animal. January 14

4. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This day is an excellent opportunity to honor the legacy of the great Civil Rights leader by taking meaningful actions to promote positive change in your community. January 15

5. Kid Inventors' Day

Did you know that many incredible inventions like televisions, water skis, and earmuffs were created by kids? Join the celebration on Benjamin Franklin's birthday (he invented swim flippers at age 12!) and inspire your children's creativity. January 17

6. Ditch Your Resolutions Day

This is one day we're planning on NOT taking part in! Well, we hope not anyway. Check in with us later. January 17

7. Popcorn Day

We're popping for excitement for Popcorn Day! How do you like yours? Plain? (nothing beats salt and butter!) Or sweet? (Try cinnamon and sugar!) Or maybe spicy? (My kids love a combo of Red Hot and ranch seasoning!) Here are some popcorn treats your family will love. January 19

8. National Hugging Day 

Embrace the power of the hug! Hugging releases oxytocin, a hormone associated with happiness, making it a great way to connect with family and friends. Hug it out today. January 21

9. Tu BiShvat

Tu BiShvat, which historically celebrates the birthday of fruit trees, is a minor Jewish holiday, but one we love because it's an occasion to appreciate and celebrate the natural world. That makes it a great day to engage in eco-friendly activities with your family. January 24

10. National Puzzle Day

Gather the family 'round and dive into the world of puzzles on National Puzzle Day. Here's a great factoid to share with your kids: The Guinness Book of World Records holder for biggest puzzle ever is held by the University of Economics at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. In 2011, 1,600 students there completed a 551,232-piece puzzle in 17 hours! January 29


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